A wonderful episode about being a clairvoyant and the power of this incredible skill with an amazing woman Klara B. 
Klara is a certified clairvoyant offering Intuitive Energy Readings, and a certified Reiki master, offering In-Person or Distant Reiki sessions. I also practice craniosacral therapy, offer guided visualizations, do house/space cleanses, hold workshops, training and group sessions, and offer my signature Inner Journey Wellness Program, which is a 6-week program that uses many tools, such as insightful conversations, art therapy, Jungian theories, guided visualizations, breath work, sound healing and much more, to get to the root cause of any situation.

My focus is orienting and guiding anyone through their specific life situations while holding the space for them to dive deeper within their own psyche and their own Self.

I strive to bring everyone to see the greater, holistic picture of their life, to bring as much as possible to awareness, in order for each person to regain their own power and to recreate their life to reflect their exact vision of what they want their life to be.