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Highlights Entrepreneurs, Mavericks, Evolutionary Empaths, Empowerment Leaders, Nonconformists. Your host Lisa LaJoie is an intuitive for business owners, clairvoyant coach and potent energy alchemist who was born with the gift for receiving messages from Spirit. Today, she uses this gift to help people quickly find answers to life’s tough questions, reach new successes, activate their soul powers and skyrocket their abundance by launching their light.


Laurence is a powerhouse inspiration to all. At the age of 28 she has already left her fancy corporate job, started her own company and created a life she loves. 

She tells the story of how she endured alot of physical and emotional pain due to an injury that left her bed ridden for several months and how she did not let it take her spirit down. Her willingness to seek help, not allow herself to be a victim and the courage she had to step into what she wanted to do rather than what others wanted is truly amazing. 

I am incredibly proud of who she has become and how she got there and so blown away by the wisdom she has at such a young age.


Connect with Laurence: https://www.instagram.com/thehuppie/

Where they sell their fancy prints: https://blankspace.ink/

Where they showcase and inspire your home decor:


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August 2nd was a big miracle day for me. In 1987 on that exact day something miraculous happened; a Spiritual Awakening of sorts that you do not want to miss listening to.

Today, I feel deeply blessed as this is the day my true life started and without it, I would not be where I am today. I am humbly aware that without this one day, no other days would have been as they are.

I thank the Universe for giving me the strength to grab hold this miracle moment in my life and for creating and paving the way for me to face my darkest self and past so that I can fully own who I am today and continue to do so.

Listen in and learn that you always have a chance, you have choices and you have opportunities. You can make changes and understand how you got to the place you are in if you are in pain and you can make new choices about where you want to go.

You can, today, stop seeking what is wrong with you and start seeking what is going on with you.

There is empowerment in taking control of your life. My story is proof of this.

I would be so grateful if you shared this audio with anyone you believe would benefit from hearing it and please, don’t forget to share your comments with me.

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