Unstoppable Consciousness with Lisa LaJoie
Episode #14: Challenging the Gossip Paradigm

Episode #14: Challenging the Gossip Paradigm

June 30, 2019

Gossip, ridicule and judgement are Soul crushers. They leave an imprint on us and stop us from being who we are meant to be in the world, sharing our light and from having beautiful Soul experiences.

There are countless other ways to heal our discomfort and our insecurities that are not harmful to others. Taking a moment to look at yourself, reflect on the learning or teaching in the situation and showing up to it with love and compassion will raise your vibration.

How many times have you judged someone and then realized that you were completely wrong and they turned out to be someone really positive in your life. Listen in as I rip through in a vulnerable conversation, share first time soul-awakening personal moments and challenge the gossip gamers.

Episode #13: Interview with Kimberly Berry

Episode #13: Interview with Kimberly Berry

June 19, 2019

Mental health is a subject that is near and dear to my heart so I am thrilled to have Kimberly Berry, founder of Being UnNormal, on my show.

Kimberly is the mother to a child with mental illness and she shares how her journey in seeking help for her daughter led her to an understanding that there was a huge opportunity for education around mental health. She discusses her experience, story and personal dive into making change around misconceptions, biases and the stigma attached to mental health.

I am so very proud of this powerhouse and changemaker because it takes real courage to do what she does.


Connect with Kimberly: https://www.beingunnormal.com/

Episode #12: Father’s Day Ascension

Episode #12: Father’s Day Ascension

June 16, 2019

Being that it is Father’s Day, I was inspired to share the relationship I had with my father. As a young girl I had fierce energy, but did not have the support I needed from my father and that was very painful for me.

Fathers have a huge role in their children’s ascension, and in particular with their daughters. My father taught me that, as a woman, I would never be able to take care of myself and I would need a man. He also never believed in what I did for a living, but I believed in myself and I knew he was wrong.

I share this with you because I chose to start my Spiritual Intuitive Mastery Course on his birthday, July 2nd. I did this to honour that I didn’t listen to someone else’s tradition that was not going to work for who I’m meant to be in this world and I’m honouring all the women that are trying to rise so that we can rise together.

Learn more and apply to Spiritual Intuitive Mastery here: http://bit.ly/spiritualmastery2019