Unstoppable Consciousness with Lisa LaJoie
Episode #10: Interview with Dr. Gayle Friend

Episode #10: Interview with Dr. Gayle Friend

May 27, 2019

We get a little frisky this week with Dr. Gayle Friend, intimacy expert, speaker and coach.

Dr. Gayle shares the experience she went through in understanding and getting to know herself intimately and how this gave her permission to embrace her own sexuality and propelled her career to help other women connect to themselves in the same way.

We discuss the importance of getting to know who you are intimately, sensually and sexually and how healing the self can benefit your relationships. Understanding your deep hurts and traumas and getting vulnerable with them will change the course of your ability   to be vulnerable and intimate with self and others. Listen in to this juicy episode as we break the glass wall and share things people may think are taboo to say out loud, but shouldn’t be. 

Connect with Dr. Gayle: www.drgaylefriend.com 

Episode #9: Interview with Amanda O’Reilly

Episode #9: Interview with Amanda O’Reilly

May 18, 2019

Amanda O’Reilly is one of my favourite people in the entire universe and one of my besties. I’m so extremely proud of her and the vulnerability that she shares with the world in service to others. She has taken the worst time in her life and become a trailblazing advocate for healing unworthiness.

I have been in the front row of her amazing transformation of this kickass Worthiness Whisperer, as she has so appropriately named herself, and I am so excited for you to hear her story and all the beautiful work she is doing in the world to help squash unworthiness for good.

I am also incredibly honoured to be a speaker at Amanda’s live event, Shine. This will be  a unique personal development, self-worth, female empowerment event that she created and curated to help women write a new story around self-worth, purpose, money mindset and success. 

Connect with Amanda: https://amandaoreilly.ca/
Worthy Wands: http://bit.ly/WorthyWands

Episode #8: Interview with Jessica Dawn Séguin

Episode #8: Interview with Jessica Dawn Séguin

May 6, 2019

In this episode of #FromMisfitToMystic, I popped Jessica Dawn Séguin, of Jessica Dawn Coaching’s radio show / podcast cherry! I have had the honour of witnessing Jessica transform in the last year and am so excited to share her story with you.

Jessica is an awesome woman and she shares her journey of how she never really felt like she fit in and found herself floating through her life. Through a deep sense of dissatisfaction and not feeling like she was living her purpose, she left the safety of her job to launch her consulting business. This catapulted her life into a positive transformation.

Listen to her interview to hear how she did it and who this beautiful being is today because of it.

Connect with Jessica: http://www.jessicadawncoaching.com/