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Highlights Entrepreneurs, Mavericks, Evolutionary Empaths, Empowerment Leaders, Nonconformists. Your host Lisa LaJoie is an intuitive for business owners, clairvoyant coach and potent energy alchemist who was born with the gift for receiving messages from Spirit. Today, she uses this gift to help people quickly find answers to life’s tough questions, reach new successes, activate their soul powers and skyrocket their abundance by launching their light.


This ‘turn-your-world-upside up’ guest is Soul Mentor, Hypnotist, Magician and dear friend, David Lion. David is someone I adore, love and trust who has become an inspiration to me. I dive into his stories of transformation, how he lives through excitement and how to follow the power of synchro flow. Let me just say it… you will find yourself deeply inspired in ways you never imagined from this young man. We go deep into how he discovered real magic, his experience meeting and performing for rapper Drake (yes the real one) and how that led to his spiritual awakening and the accomplishments he’s made by living his life entirely through synchronicity.


Connect with David: https://livingmagic.life/

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Melanie is one of my adopted Soul daughters and is a very sacred and special human being who I have known for quite some time. I have been honoured to be a special guest for her Yoga teacher training and together we create enlightened retreats around the globe, as far as Morocco.

I have invited her to this week’s show to share how she said yes to being one of the first traditional yoga studios in Montreal, how she has risen into her best self and the vulnerability and victories on her journey to the successes she lives today. She is a true giver and a dedicated yoga instructor at a high level of mastery. I can’t wait to get rah and real with her on this week’s episode. 


Connect with Melanie: https://happytreeyoga.com/

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